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  • ...And it's done!

    [To the tune of “99 Bottles of Beer”]

    50 job apps on WaterlooWorks,
    50 job applications!
    Shortlist one;
    Make an app package;
    49 job apps on WaterlooWorks!


  • Songs that I'm listening to right now

    I feel like people are to some extent defined by the music that they enjoy. Looking though somebody’s iPod or phone or Spotify library is always super interesting – maybe I’ll recognize some artists or albums! I always like seeing what other people are listening to, so I guess I’ll start first.


  • Waterlooworks 2017

    Job postings just went up this morning for the 2018 Winter co-op term – and all of these required skills look terrifying.


  • Blogging with Jekyll and GitHub Pages

    It’s easier than you might think!


  • An inaugural blog post

    Why start a blog? If you asked my third-grade teacher Ms Riley, she’d tell you that “It looks cool and shows off your English skills.” Refer to our French IB course, and you’ll get “le blogue est par essence un espace individuel d’expression, caractérisé par une grande liberté éditoriale.” Realistically, the second categorization is what this blog will aspire to be - something something fifth estate and decentralization - but most of the posts on here will end up falling in the first (albeit probably with a less sophisticated vocabulary than ideal).

    Plus, it seems like the trendy thing these days seems be to create a personal landing page and also a blog or a blogging engine to show off technical skills, so here I am.