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  • Setting up email on a domain with Cloudflare

    So one of my coworkers, Justin, has a nice email on his domain. So I thought that I would try and imitate him. Can’t be that hard, I thought. I just want to have an email like [email protected], so I can be one of those cool kids.

    And it really isn’t, although having Cloudflare throws a wrench in what would otherwise be a simple process. I’m leaving this up sort of as documentation for myself, but also in case anybody else wants to do this!


  • Fitbit turns 11

    Happy birthday Fitbit!

  • 12 years of piano

    “You should take some music lessons,” my Jewish first-grade teacher Ms. Ramsay says. We’re celebrating Hanukkah in class, and I had just sung an English adaptation of a song in exchange for a penny. I exchange it for a sour gummy worm. Those were my favourite.


  • A first year co-op guide

    If you’re a Waterloo student, chances are that you’re here for the co-op program. Here’s some information and tips that I’ve gathered during my first year. Note that I write this from the perspective of an ECE student mainly looking for software jobs, so not everything here will apply to everyone!

    Comes with screenshots, resume and cover letter samples, and (debatably) fun times. May require assembly.

    Disclaimer: Not endorsed by the University of Waterloo. This is purely based off personal experience and my small group of friends as of May 2018. Follow at your own risk.


  • Happy New Years!

    Goodbye 2017, and hello 2018! A reflection on a year of ups and downs, and hopes for the new year.


  • December status report

    Wow. It’s been a month since I last posted to this blog. It feels like an eternity. A month of classes has happened since the last time I posted, which means it’s been almost a third of the semester’s worth of experiences that I haven’t written about. So let’s go!







  • Bored? Nah, board games

    I’ve already talked a bit about why I love to play board games, so I thought I would make another listicle. Listicles are great, aren’t they? Everybody loves listicles! Includes board games that I’ve played recently and what I’ve thought of them, as well as some of my other favourite board games.

    No more of this Monopoly crap! It’s time to find better things to kill time with.


  • Midterms - done!

    One hectic week, five midterms, and +5 to stress. 1A Computer Engineering for me had ECE105, ECE150, MATH115, MATH117, and CHE102 exams - physics, programming, linear algebra, calculus, and chemistry. Definitely not the lightest workload of the bunch, but also not as bad as those poor software engineering kids (RIP MATH135 - good luck with your proofs!).

    Very important to making sure that you can be successful during hell week is having a good studying schedule and knowing when to stop and take a step back. I’ll go a little bit into my studying habits and how I prepare for exams here.


  • Thoughts after a month at Waterloo

    So, it’s Thanksgiving break and reading week, which gives me time to breathe – and update this blog! One month of Waterloo, one month of Stream 4, new friends and new clubs! In this blog post, I’m gonna go into a few tips for coöp application process and interviews, then thoughts about life at Waterloo in general.